Raw and semi-finished mats:

• Blocks: We choose with care and knowledge, materials that come directly from quarries and manufacturing sites.
• Slabs & tiles: A wide variety of raw and polished slabs and tiles are available and can be selected with different specifications you need.

Finished products:

Our experience, knowledge and organization allow us to offer you a wide range of products and services that makes you able to deal only with one reliable supplier. This is a clear advantage as far as coordination, quality and time terms are concerned.

Countertop & vanity top

• Granite countertop
• Kitchen tops
• Bathroom vanity
• Stone Sink
• Bathtub

 Tomb stones, Monuments:

• Stone vase
• Stone urn
• Stone sculptures

 Decoration stone:

• Stone carving
• Marble mosaic
• Mosaic panel
• Water jet
• Culture slate

Landscape stone:

• Paving stone
• cladding stone
• stairs
• Windowsill

Technical services :

Surveys: We, carefully, plan all the phases of the project, starting with accurate inspections of the sites and taking measurements.

Preliminary Studies and Design: The design is preceded by a preliminary study during which our technical staff examines the peculiarities of the project, the style and the customers’ needs.

Work drawings and work orders: In view of your expectations, the project takes shape in the working drawings and different samples which are chosen by you.

Materials’ Installation: The study and design of the installation system integrate and put the finishing touches to the service offered to you. Coordination, direction, and installation of materials are then carried out.